Real-Time Monitoring


We optimized and updated the system continuously. Recording the personal information,healthy information,bed information, device information,

the Fitsleep P1 Pro enables you to monitor the old in nursing home by merely one computer and one nurse.

Professional Personalized Customization

Abnormality Alert, Health Care

Fitsleep P1 Pro sets corresponding normal limits of heart rate,respiratory rate,off-bed radius for every single old men/women.

The system tracks their sleep status, captures abnormalities and send alerts,so as to improve the safety factor and reduce emergency risk.

Moisture And Damn-proof Perfect Firmness

Comfortable Springback, Soft Touch,Take You back to Baby Time

  • Comfortable Springback
  • Water-proof breathable fabrics
  • Human body mechanics
Bold Technology Innovation Perfect Integration

Natural perfect experience

Fitsleep Nursing System upgraded the device, making it contactless and non-wearable, adjustable to your sleep habits by embedding the system into

mattress.The system collects health data, transfer it to Cloud, establishes health data cloud system in support layer, smart layer,application layer and

service layer and achieves health data real-time management, analysis,processing and synchronization to PC port.

Institution Nursing System

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  • Monitoring Centre
  • User Management
    • Personal Information
    • Role Management
  • Data Center
  • Device Management

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