Short Sleep Latency High Deep Sleep Proportion

Less is more, the refined technology innovation

The brain,hypothalamus,limbic system and reticular structure system dominate human’s psychological and feeling. Fitsleep α1 releases alpha wave

frequency band of cerebral electric envelope, which stimulates those systems to increase the secretion of neurotransmitters that is responsible for

regulating human feeling and recognition, and meanwhile,to reduce the secretion of stress hormones. Also, by adjusting brain wave frequency,

Fitsleep adjusts the brain from excited state to resting state, augmented sleepiness and helps users fall into deep sleep.

Prediction Is Always Better

Health life is more than good sleep. It deserves our best thinking

Fitsleep alpha 1 is an enhanced product. It monitors physical indexes like heart rate, respiratory rate,EEG rhythm, combined with its bio-feedback system,

achieves analysis of health trends and abnormal change from everyday. All the analysis is presented by APP as health report.Fitsleep detects some

potential symptoms such as sinus bradycardia, apnea, arrhythmia, premature heartbeat.Based on the situation of every user,

Fitsleep provide targeted health instructions and long-term health protection on sleep, diet, exercises and psychology.

A Fresh Day Begins With Good Sleep

Have you ever imagine yourself could wake up naturally, not bothering other people or alarms. We found out that 99% people

wants to do that. So we invented a multi-sensor system, which can adjust the sleep induction system in the set waking-up

period and induce user into light sleep,ultimately waking up naturally.

Natural Touch

1058 days of elaborate development,create perfection

The perfect application of user thinking, comprehensive thinking about scenarios, efficacy, perservation and safety.

After 3 years of extensive debugging and testing, Fitsleep α1 is an art with strong function,perfect craft, smooth touch. It withstands the test.

  • Baby skin touch
  • Small and portable
  • Perfect curve
  • 17000 sets of material tests
  • Human mechanics
  • 208 manufacturing operations
  • 27 inspection links
Integrated Sensing Technology Redefine Accuracy

Fitsleep uses globally advanced integrated sensing technology, comparing to the one-dimentsion sensing technology, multiple-dimension sensing

technology is more accurate on collection of vital signs, which sustain multi-functional product advantages。

Independent R&D

Smart startup,human-based management

  • Front shell

  • Self developed chip set

    Low consumption high performance
  • Gold sensor chip

  • Internal protection layers

  • Li-Ion polymer battery

  • Back shell

Fitsleep   Sleep Better   Live Healthier

Comprehensive check-up of sleep pattern,heart rate,respiratory rate, body movement, off-bed status, sleep cycle included.

Fitsleep literally upgrades your bed into a natural body-check platform.

Product Certification