Fitsleep Introduction

Fitsleep is a health sleep helper.It not only can monitor sleep,but also monitor heart rate,respiratory rate,
body movement and other vital physiological signals.Based on the analysis to all this vital data, Fitsleep can detect some potential diseases and send alert.
The alpha waves bio-feedback learning system inside Fitsleep could help you sleep faster and improve your sleep quality.(click here to learn more)

What Are The Distribution Channels Of Fitsleep?

How Is The Outlook Of Health And Elderly Services?

Li Keqiang, the premier of China, firstly mentioned “Healthy China” on the REPORT ON THE WORK OF THE GOVERNMENT and suggested “Great Health Industry is becoming the new

fostering area of growth and China should make great effort in development of health industry.American spend more than 100 dollars on health area at average. The value of health industry

accounted for more than 15% of the GDP in the US. It is conservatively estimated that the gap between China and United States in the field of health industry is more than 5 times.By 2020,

the scale of health industry, which covering medicine and health care, medical services, health services, nursing, medical equipment, will exceed 10 trillion yuan, and reached 20 trillion yuan by 2030.

Can I Make A Profit If I Become A Affiliate?

Glamour has a research and development team with elites and specialists graduating from Peking University, Stanford University.We focus on the field of glob-

ally advanced intelligent sleep and authorized as the National Hi-tech Enterprise.We spent 4 years to create these health intelligent products, belonging to the

blue ocean market, with high differentiation and large absolute demand. Plus its low investment and high profit, the marketing profitability is far more higher than

additional manufacturing industry.


What can Glamour provide for affiliates?

  • Free training
  • Free negotiation help for major projects
  • Free marketing event planning
  • Great technical support

How to become an affiliate?

You could become our region distributor or channel affiliate if you want.

  • Dial our global hot-line: +86 4000 888 662 for details.
  • Or sign up through E-mail:
  • Or send SMS to +86 18823733015.
Ten Benefits To Join Glamour Affiliate Programme


Core technology: Glamour is authorized key high-tech enterprise of China, with the ability of  independent research and development.

Hardware support: Glamour hardware products are manufactured by ZOWEE Techonology Co. Ltd. (one of the member of Glamour board of directors, security in short: Zowee Technology, stock code: 002369.)

Software support: Provided by VASTDATA (one of the member of Glamour board of directors, China’s top data and technology provider.) .

Blue ocean: The most promising industry—health industry, differentiated rigid demand product.

Patents: Muliple globally advanced patents.

Marketing system: Mature offline marketing system, unified terminal brand image and promotion support.

Logistics: Free logistics.

Professional training: professional training about marketing research, technical services and after-sales service.

R&D Team: Top R&D team, continued new and promising intelligent products, ensuring the marketing share and profit margin of the affiliates.

Capital advantages: Low investment, high profit.